Happy Independence Day… Is It?

As India celebrates its 66th Independence, something inside me doesn’t feel right. In fact I have not felt this way about India ever. I have grown up loving India & will always love it no matter what. But now the constant sarcasm bugging my mind is “What is Happy about this independence?”

Photo Credit: Flickr

India & its states are making news for all the wrong reasons. Honestly, I don’t want to raise the issue because I don’t want to experience the hopelessness that comes with it. But it seems I can’t suppress the questions prodding my brain & heart anymore.

Browse through the net or read it in the newspapers or watch it in your television sets, each day brings out a new scam or racket or crime. Our country India is racked with corruption underneath; The Naxalites who have been labeled as ‘India’s biggest internal security threat’, present a totally different story (Read Arundhati Roy’s Walking with the Comrades). The common masses united together for the Anna movement but that didn’t bear any fruit either. Government wouldn’t pass the Lokpal bill: Inflation is another blow on the masses: Slow economic/GDP growth that blocks the economic progress; The recent black out in North India that stilled many lives and the latest riots in Assam that was given communal color…With so much to deal with, I don’t think Mother India is HAPPY on her 66th birthday.

A flawed political system, an uninspiring PM’s Independence speech, escaping responsibility & rat race of benefiting self are all that has remained.


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  1. akum says:

    Is it because we have corrupted politicians or is it because the public is too coward to stand and fight? India is in deep shit right now!

    1. Trishanka says:

      I guess it is because of the self-centeredness!

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