The Immortals of Meluha

Though late, I had just one reason behind picking this book up; Shiva!!!(I am fond of him).  I know the book has made its mark on the bestseller list. But it’s unlike I had expected. Here’s how I find it.


The Immortals of Meluha is the first part of Shiva Trilogy; A book by Amish. The book is inspired by a great Hindu God Shiva. It is based on the idea that Shiva was once a human whose great deeds uplifted him to the level of God. The story is set in the backdrop of Himalayas & the Indus Valley Civilization (Meluha). It revolves around the fact that Shiva is the prophesized savior of the Suryavanshis from the Chandravanshis who are allegedly in alliance with the Nagas.


The muscular Shiva with his back & matted tresses; the Trishul( his weapon); the string of Rudraksh beads on his hand and all these amidst the intimidating mountain Kailash across the Mansarovar, emits intensity & mystery.

The Good

The start was intense. I was instantly transported to the chilly Himalayas & the Mansarover Lake. Most of the characters are already familiar as they are rooted in our ancient mythology. The author’s effort in trying to rationalize the Hindu myths and presenting us with a decipherable logic is commendable. This is a contemporary piece with a mythological touch. The concept is original & connectible. Amish has taken a plunge to dab the ethereal with the earthly.

The Not so Good

Shiva’s use of words like ‘damn’, ‘bullshit’, and ‘this bloody blue throat of mine!’, doesn’t feel appropriate with his characterization and actually turned me off. (Was it an unreasonable attempt to connect with today’s crowd?)

The second turn off factor was the “Bollywood-inspired” romance of Shiva & sati & the raunchy daughter of Dilipa, Anandmayi: clichéd, predictable and boring.

The other thing I found futile was the forced & oddly attempted humor.


Although not a classic, the book makes for a good read.  But it perhaps won’t satiate the veteran reader. The literary finesse can be worked upon.  For someone who has just begun writing, it deserves appreciation.

I could go for **1/2.

How much would you rate it?


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  1. Manu Kurup says:

    I agree with you in some of the things you have mentioned here. I also was late in picking the two books. It’s good for a one time read and good one at that. He could definitely work on his narration a bit and I loved the way he did the characterisation.
    I would give it 3.5/5.

  2. Well i am agreed with you on some points such as when i ordered this book, i was very anticipated with the book reviews, book cover page as well as the effort of writing a mythology in this age of literature. I would say that i expected something like Troy or The rings of the Lords, but when i read the book i felt unsatisfied with the ending and confused state of Shiva’s Mind. and as you said Bollywood styled romance.

    I want to start writing book reviews on my site and i think after reading your way, i will do it!
    Thanks for stopping at my site,

    1. Trishanka says:

      It’s nice to hear from you.
      Thanks Anant

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