A Wrong Prediction

My horoscope says on August 31, 2012 I would discover a hidden talent of mine. And as half the day passes by, I discover it’s a gloomy day from the start. While soaking up the disappointments of the day, I wonder if this is what my new talent is going to be- to absorb disappointments!

Photo Credit: Flickr

Although today’s let downs are not as grave, they trace back to the worse ones. A little mischance and there begins the customary flood of bad memories.  My mind hooks up there & I have to look for someone to talk to. Most of the times I end up calling my Dad & that helps.

Its been 5 months since I am working here. Yeah, I have made friends effortlessly, the work load isn’t much, co-workers are good & sometimes funny. We don’t have strict break period either. Both side cabs & meals are provided.

But, I can’t remember a single day when I have not waited for the weekend or wished for another holiday. There isn’t a day when I look forward to come to work. Each Monday morning brings a gust of discontentment. Clearly, I don’t enjoy work.  May be a lucrative salary would have been suffice to keep me going but that’s not happening anytime soon. I am certainly not a person of routines. It simply puts me off. I must grossly like it to be with it. Things rarely turn up your way and in my case it is never so. Planning a new escape route each day & not knowing how to follow a single one is just so hackneyed.

Gosh! I am not sure about things now & the predictions surely aren’t help.

And as I am writing this, I get another bad news… aarrghh!!!


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  1. akum says:

    Its cute that you believe in horoscope. Won’t it be easier if our lives really can be predicted by the movement of the stars and the planets.

    1. Trishanka says:

      But you cannot totally discard their substance. May be it’s just that faith that takes us through our bad days.

  2. akum says:

    Maybe, but for me its nothing but just stupid. I feel it was created by some lazy ass who did not want to work so he came up with this dumb ass idea that we could predict our future through the movement of the stars. Maybe down the line, they had some very lucky coincidence and people start buying it.

  3. George Hayward says:

    Sorry to hear about your job! Keep you head up and hopefully soon enough you’ll have another opportunity!

    1. Trishanka says:

      Thanks for the reassurance George!

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