A salutation to Delhi

Dear Delhi,

Your 1st timers rant you as “over populated, full of thugs, chaotic, polluted & unsafe.” Yes, you can be intimidating for the first timers. I was overwhelmed myself. But one year on, I see the depth in you. I scratch beyond your surface & realize how philanthropic you have been to us all.

I realize, it’s not you but our collective ungratefulness & ignorance to your sacrifices that defame you. People litter you, ruin you, and even terrorize you. You are wrecked with crime. Delhi, you have been claimed by several empires as their seat of power. You were built, destroyed and then rebuilt again.

You are privy to all the conspiracies inside the parliament. The IT sector, electronic industry, fashion, textile and handloom sectors bloom in you. Rallies, movements and ideas, required to transform India, almost always take birth in you. You are the inspiration that India thrives for. You have determinedly held onto the past & present. You teach us harmony by standing true to India’s version of secularism. You dress up for every festival. You are green, you are ancient, and you are magnanimous. You are the one accommodating the poor, the rich, the homeless; you absorb the whole India in you. People with different vernaculars & religions have found home in you. You paved way to cities like Gurgoan & Noida. You are flexible and adaptable & at the same time connected to your roots. Your uncanny characteristic of blending yourself with different influences without losing your own color is the reason you triumph.

I salute you Delhi for your generosity, your patience to bear with all sorts of things people do to you. You suffer on our behalf. You are a truly multidimensional metropolis whose heart bleeds for India.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Rangan Datta says:

    I love Delhi, probably each corner of the city tell some sort of history.

    1. Trishanka says:

      I am rediscovering it.

  2. sm says:

    nice post its great that you got teachers from all over India.
    happy teachers day

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