Jakoi, A taste of Assamese food

After planning it for almost a month, I finally geared myself up to visit Assam Bhawan this weekend, to get a taste of indigenous Assamese food in Jakoi (the restaurant). Jakoi in Assamese refers to a very popular fishing device. Being a predominantly fish loving state, every household (except in cities) in Assam, include a pond where  fishing is pursued as a hobby.

The inside

Maintained by the Paradise group, Jakoi is a traditional set up serving ethnic Assamese food.  It showcases folk Assamese crafts & a gallery with pictures of great Assamese personalities whose contributions to the state have been priceless. Bhupen Hazarika’s songs playing in the background completes the frame.    The beautiful handicrafts including Dhol, Pepa,Japi & some more.

The pictures of famous personalities of Assam.

Their menu featured almost every Assamese dish one can think of. The Parampara Thali is the best way to try most of the varieties. Everything from Khar to bamboo shoot can be found here.

I started with Gooseberry soup. It tasted good but the size of it was funny & resembled a glass of Tequila. Never had soup this way. The main course included Ou -Tenga Masor Jul(Tangy Fish curry).


After the meal, they offered us Tamul Paan(Betel nut): A tradition followed in Assam.


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  1. akum says:

    The food looks so yummy. Love that they are serving tamol.

    1. Trishanka says:

      Ya, I wanted to taste everything actually.

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