My Tryst with Net Shopping

Of late, I have developed a penchant for the online thing. Whether it’s reading, researching or shopping, I am always glued onto my laptop screen. It’s a world in itself where I have an upper hand as I am spared the scrutiny & modesty of maintaining any decorum.

My best online shopping experience points back to the origin of this blog. Reading blogs form across the world, I was inspired to begin one of my own. That’s when I realized, I was in need of a camera to present my journeys. But after working 5 days a week, I simply love to laze around the weekend. Moreover, braving the scorching sun or the sticky monsoon rain doesn’t seem a good idea. Running from shop to shop peppered across length & breadth, haggling with the shop keepers & rubbing shoulders with numerous other shoppers is so exhausting. The cacophony of markets or malls & unsolicited salesmen are repelling to me. The rush & the bargain or the sophistication & no-bargain aren’t always attractive.  Some markets aren’t even open on Sundays. So, I took a plunge to my favorite urls. Sitting in my pajamas’ from the comfort of my home, I browsed through my favorite online stores. Finally, I settled in one. And here it was, my Canon PowerShot A1200 from flipkart .  I got a quality product on such a reasonable rate within two days. That’s right. Their services are quicker.

At first, like many, I cringed at the idea of buying products from online stores. The authenticity & accuracy of price were in question. Nevertheless, I was very tempted & followed my hunch & ended up with cash on delivery feature ( just for the reassurance). Gradually, I widened my canvas to all sorts of products.  And the web & I are thick friends today!

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