Thus began another journey

Hey folks,

I am happy to finally tell you that I just had a trip to Vaishno devi. A swift planning was all that was required for my first darshan of the Mata. Moreover, it’s been a year since I had gone out of Delhi. So, this trip was refreshment more than anything. I committed myself to this trip by booking my tickets through the tatkal scheme & I discovered that this 24 hour tatkal system really works. Finally there is something from the government that works. You can easily book your ticket without any server hindrance. Don’t worry if your ticket shows waiting list up to 30. It is very likely to get confirmed. Mine did. Keep on checking the upgradation status.

My journey began at 22.00 hours on Wednesday (26th). Boarded the train & this was what I saw-people sleeping peacefully on platforms (only I didn’t know that this whole trip would be familiar with sites of people sleeping everywhere.)

Whenever I used to travel at night (mostly to & fro from college to home), I would quickly grab my berth & sleep off. But it was different this time. I did not want to sleep. (None of my friends is going to buy it). I watched my train blaring past the jhopar pattis, garbage dumping grounds & agricultural fields. The breeze got harder as the train speeded up.

Now, it was morning & we were running 3 hours late. What I dread most about the railways is their toilets. OMG! I hold as long as I can.

Finally, here Jammu was. My first entry to the state of Jammu & Kashmir!

A view of Jammu city.

The railway station was filled with pilgrims from everywhere. People, who stayed, slept there & even cooked food & washed their clothes.

Paying a hefty amount to the autowala we headed towards the hotel to freshen up for our footloose to the altitude of 5,300 ft.


To be continued…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Smita says:

    You were lucky to have succeeded with Tatkal, u shud read my post on it & see how bad my experience was.

    Waiting for the next part and the Jammu pic is beautiful

    1. Trishanka says:

      sorry to hear about your tatkal experience.

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