Starting Again: with “The Hornbill Festival”

After almost three months now, I am not sure where I should begin from! It would not be entirely true, if I put the cause of my no show entirely on my job. Yes, I did feel lazy or somehow did not want to write though I had substance.

In the last three months, I had great time in my organization, had the quivers of Delhi in December, survived the doomsday effortlessly as every other human, welcomed the New Year and visited my hometown after a coon’s age. That means, I have a lot to share with all!

Let’s begin with a unique festival. Here is some insight to “The Hornbill Festival” in Kisama Heritage Village, Nagaland- a state that seems to be a little withdrawn from the rest.

Nagaland, a hill state with mystified valleys and sparkling water streams opens up to everyone at the Hornbill Festival.

The Hornbill Festival is organized by the State Tourism and Art & Culture Departments, usually in the first week of December every year to enliven the history & culture of Nagaland. It brings together various tribes of Nagaland under one roof.

This time the festival turned 13 and displayed a myriad of traditional art, indigenous games and skills, folk music, dance that tell stories of harvest & war, competitions such as pork-fat eating , fashion show, beauty pageant and rallies.

various tribes of Nagaland
various tribes of Nagaland

The first thing you would see while entering the place, is the perfect imitation of Naga sheds, timber designs, handmade items, food & medication booths. The festival begins with synchronized war cry by hundreds of traditionally dressed performers, which is followed by singing, dancing & enacting of war scenes.

A Rock Concert
A Rock Concert

 As the twilight approaches, the focus shifts to the Hornbill Nationwide Rock Concert where groups from all over the nation come to contend. Also, the Miss Nagaland 2012 was a big attraction.

Miss Nagaland 2012 Contest
Miss Nagaland 2012 Contest

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