2nd World War Cemetery Kohima

Attending the Hornbill festival in Kohima and not visiting the World War II cemetery is most unlikely. Yes! There is a much beautifully preserved and maintained War Cemetery which has also been graced by Prince Andrew, Duke of York, in 2012.

 Commanding a view among the picturesque beauty of Kohima is the Kohima War Cemetery, built-in tribute of those authorities and military murdered during the World War II. This war of Kohima has been defined as “one of the bitterly battled fights of the Second World War” and a “battle of Attrition” in the chronicles.

A nasty battle was fought between the Indians & Japanese in April 1944 when the Japanese advanced to invade India through the route of Burma. Japanese, with their plan of retaking Burma (now Myanmar) & breaking into India, chose the isolated gateway Imphal to lead to India. But Japan was halted near Garrison hill where the savage battle lasted for nearly three weeks.  These fearless minds hearts battling for the Allied causes had perfectly obstructed the Japanese intrusion right at the edge of India.s 

To commemorate the contribution of those brave soldiers,  a group of Bikers rode on the vintage bikes all over the city!

the bikers
the bikers
the bikes
the bikes

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  1. soumyav says:

    nice post! good to see u back!

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